Looking for B2B Payments Solutions?  We've got the answers.

B2B payment processing can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Gone are the days when you typed up and invoice, mailed it out, and waited for a check. Today's businesses operate their AP/AR in cyberspace, and with automation in accounting software, this drastically reduces the time and payroll hours needed to get paid. Credit card payments, Debit card payments, or ACH check payments...we've got you covered.

It's costing you 3%-4% to process those B2B card transactions

Rewards Cards

You already know that B2B payment processing can be quite expensive. These days, almost every B2B customer is using rewards cards to pay their invoices and reaping the benefits of extra cash-back on each payment.

The problem is that those rewards and cash-back benefits are being added to your payment processing costs, and this can add up to thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

Business Accounting Software

Business accounting software is a great tool when it comes to running your business, and the companies have added the ability to invoice to and receive payments from your customers directly from the software.

Unfortunately, this comes with a high cost for you. The companies add their own mark-up on top of the card brands, the issuing banks, and the processing companies. The result is a double-dipping effect on your card processing costs.

Our B2B Payments Solutions

Many B2B businesses are turning to us for help because we have multiple solutions designed specifically for this situation by integrating with the most popular of these programs (like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero).

Many businesses are adding their own form of surcharge to their invoices in an effort to offset some of the fees and costs of B2B payment processing.

This is possible, but it is dangerous to wade into this without a thorough knowledge of the laws and regulations. You risk legal action and the ability to take card transactions at all.

Although there are multiple ways to do this, every business is unique so we are ready to help you know the options. Let our B2B experts recommend the best solution for you.

We'll take a look at your AP/AR program and provide you with the B2B payments solutions that will integrate into your current program.

What's the cost?

The bottom line is that you are probably already over-paying for your B2B payment processing. In fact, in more than 90% of the cases we see, we are able to save our B2B clients a significant amount of money over their current processing plan.

Our system automatically reroutes each payment to the lowest possible rate offered by the card companies for that specific card type being used to pay your invoice. This single integration alone could save you thousands of dollars.

There is no expensive software to buy, or equipment to lease. We just select the best processing program available (there are several to choose from depending on your business model) and start processing your B2B payments with a lower mark-up using the best B2B processing solution that fits your specific need.

Take it easy, we've got this

It's simple for you and simple for your customer.

Imagine, you are using QuickBooks and email an invoice directly from QuickBooks to your customer. Your customer opens the email and is able to click-to-pay directly from the email. You can even set up recurring invoices, if that fits your situation.

What if your delivery driver or sales rep could take a payment on a mobile card reader at the point of delivery? The possibilities are almost endless.

Save time. Save money.

Reduce the number of times data is entered, cut back on the risks of bad data being entered, and get paid faster! How sweet is that?

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