How to find the best credit card processing company


Our tire retailers and auto repair shops saved an average of $247 per month last year by switching to our 0% Mark-up Program.

We know that finding the best merchant services and credit card processor is a challenge. That is especially true for Tire Dealers and Auto Service Centers.

You get hammered every week with calls from some call center somewhere overseas and they all promise to save you 30% or more on your processing.

The truth is that they are placing you in the same pricing program as the donut shop down the street or the big box store around the corner.

You average ticket is $200 or more, quite a bit more than the donut shop. So when they price you the same way as the donut shop someone is paying too much for processing. Guess what? It's not the donut shop.

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Credit card processing for auto service businesses doesn't have to be as expensive or confusing as most providers make it. See how our Subscription Based 0% Mark-up saves you money!

Zero Fee Processing

Many of our auto service businesses take advantage of the Cash Discount Program which eliminates your credit card fees completely. Imagine adding 2-4% back onto your bottom line!

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