Why specializing in tire dealers and auto repair businesses makes a difference

Fist Bump

Credit card processing for tire and auto service centers might seem fairly straightforward to most observers. There’s usually only one or two registers, a single cashier, and one approved transaction for each customer. However, the needs of an auto service center or tire dealer can be incredibly diverse, and your average ticket is probably over $200.

Compare your average ticket with the average ticket of the take-out pizza place down the street. If you are on the same pricing program as the pizza place (and you are) then you are paying a lot more than you should.

Go ahead and take a look at this short video. Let us show you exactly why you are paying too much for your credit card processing and how to get the lowest price.

We've been processing exclusively for auto service businesses since 2014 and have saved thousands of dollars for our merchants.

Plus, if you are a member of one of our selected associations, you will get special deals not available to non-members! See what this could mean for you.

Credit card processors traditionally tack on as much as 1.5% on top of the fees charged by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. That may only be 15 cents for a cup of coffee, but on a set of Pirelli Tires that could be $15 coming out of your profits. With our pricing programs, designed for Auto Service businesses, we will drastically reduce or even eliminate that mark-up. Plus, you get to choose which program works best for you: Zero Rate Mark-up, 0.25% over wholesale, Flat Rate pricing, or a Cash Discount program where the consumer pays the card swipe fees for you.

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One thing is certain. If your credit card processor doesn't focus on auto service professionals, you are paying too much.

You need a processing partner that understands your business, one that focuses on your business. You deserve a specialist, not someone who prices your business processing the same way they price out the local pizza joint or donut shop.

Your average ticket is just not the same as the average ticket in a coffee shop. With your higher average ticket amounts, you need to have someone on your side that knows your business and offers special pricing that saves you money on those large tickets.

If you run the corner drug store, the neighborhood restaurant, or the local grocery store, we're just not interested in your business. But if you are an auto service pro, call us!

Special Pricing

We know that small and medium-sized auto service pros face stiff competition every day from mega-retailers. We help level the playing field with our Zero Rate Mark-up pricing structure.

Large Ticket Size

Your business type is our specialty. The large average ticket size generated by auto services can expose merchants like you to fund holds or devastatingly large chargebacks.

Big savings

When merchant services providers and credit card processors grab a percentage of your sale, those rate mark-ups and monthly fees can really eat away at your profits.

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