What makes us different from every other processor?

We could throw in a bunch of flowery sounding sales hype right here, but that's not who we are, and we know that you don't really appreciate that kind of stuff anyway. So, here is a short list of what makes us different:

  1. We specialize in Auto Service Centers and know your needs.
  2. You get simple, easy to understand, up-front pricing, with a Zero Percent Rate Mark-up.
  3. You can eliminate up to 95% of your credit card swipe fees with our Cash Discount Program!
  4. One simple statement says it well..."Do the right thing."

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Want to know more, but don't want the pressure of a sales call?

Call us toll free: (800) 979-1516, we promise to give you answers with no slick sales pitch.

Email us at: support@autoserviceprocessing.com

Watch this short video on how your credit card processor is making their profits off of your credit card transactions.

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We've got mobile pay.

We Specialize in Auto Service Centers for a reason

World class athletes don’t become the best in the word by trying to be a player in every sport. They focus on a single specialty. Just imagine Usain Bolt running a marathon. The fastest man alive would run a terrible endurance race. But put him into a 100m or a 200m race and look out!

We decided to focus as well.

Unlike most credit card processing companies, we don't market to every business on the block. Restaurants, big box stores, and grocery stores have lots of general business merchant services companies to choose from.

Auto Service Pros have Auto Service Processing as their credit card processing specialist.

If you're a Auto Service Pro, we've got the best program you've ever seen.  No doubt about it. Our Auto Service Center Stores are saving an average of $245* per month.

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Besides a Zero percent rate mark-up, What else do we do right?

Free Terminals. No, really, they are provided to you FREE.

Cash Discount Program.  Our optional Cash Discount Program all but eliminates your credit card swipe fees.

U.S. Based, Live Customer Service. You can call our Toll Free customer service line anytime, day or night and talk to a real person.

Up Front Pricing. We don't play hide and seek with our pricing. It's simple: Zero Percent Rate Mark-up, and only $0.10 per transaction, plus a $10-$25 monthly fee. That's it, there's nothing complicated about it.

No Long Term Contracts or Early Termination Fees. Our customers stay with us because of our pricing, and our customer service.

Free Credit Card Terminal Paper. When you need paper, just give your dedicated rep a call or shoot them an email.

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We give back to our community

While doing everything we can do to help you succeed remains our main goal, we also believe in giving a helping hand to others.

Auto Service Processing donates up to 20% of our profits to a select group of 501 (c)(3) organizations. Giving back is a important part of who we are as a company.

A big part of our philanthropic efforts are aimed at educational opportunities. Our children are the future and they deserve the very best that we can give them.

We all know how important a college education is, and we also know how expensive is can be. We are committed to providing scholarship funding for deserving young men and women. In keeping with this ideal, we donate up to $200 each year for every auto service customer of ours through various industry associations' scholarship foundations.

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Ready to find out more?

Go ahead and reach out to us. We won't spam you or have some hot shot sales rep call you. We hate that stuff as much as you do.

Craig Roll

"I founded this company upon a few basic principles: customer service comes before profits, communication with our merchants is a priority, and giving back to the community is what we are called to do.

The credit card processing industry has a well deserved bad reputation. Poor service, slick sales pitches, and confusing fee structures have become all too common.

It has been my goal to have our customers see us as a value added partner for their business, and based on our continued growth it seems to be working. Thanks for taking a look at us."

Craig Roll